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Heroes claire lesbian

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Whoever is responsible for this nonsense should be fired. Big black tits nude. Tell me what you think Cancel reply. Heroes claire lesbian. I don't mind gay characters, in fact I embrace them when they are genuine and not publicity-motivated or rating whoring Would you like to view this in our Australian edition?

She said so in some interview! Claire is set to go to college in "Redemption," the title of the next volume which sees the Heroes returning to "normal" lives, and will be rooming with a pair of females -- Madeline Zima Californication and Rachel Melvin Days of Our Lives.

Does anyone else think Claire is just a MacGuffin for all the other characters? Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? They have their own story arc but yeah you're right, the writers should find new ways to implement them into the show. The fact is, Heroes began as a great idea. It is all a little bit out of the blue and yes it probably is a ratings thing but maybe it's just another bit of character development that will take Claire some place new and unexpected.

They killed off Siler's girlfriend Elle, just when she was showing some potential as a morally questionable "gun moll", worthy of the role handed down from the great Cagney mobster flicks of the '30s.

Actually Heroes is treating the relationship pretty well, it is a relationship. In season 3, they found it a good idea to kill everyone off. Same goes for Peter, one season he's extremely powerful and then they take it all away. It is not even a lark, just a kiss. Naked female college students. As I was looking up things on the show I came arose this article and its comments!

There are only superheroes with insecurities. News Mark Oakley Jul 6, What really bothers me is this is what's coming out? Do something shocking for ratings. Retrieved from " https: Stop judging the Britneys and the Lindsays. She can barely stay in the same house for more than a few days without getting into trouble and chased down by bad guys. Ellen Degener--however you spell her last name--revealed that she's with a transgendered person whose become a woman, despite having been with guys like George Lopez, thereby causing people to question the "nature or nurture" aspect of orientations.

I hate when people assume that every action that is made in movies and television is just for ratings. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Wordand then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are!

Heroes claire lesbian

I'm so sad and amazed at what has become of the most original and best first series of any show ever.

Kill off another character for ratings. Every reader knows the way a book can lull you into the rhythm—the world, in fact—of another human being. We're having a Hero fling some time in the past.

Claire did a cost-benefit analysis and determined that she and Gretchen should be friends and move in with each other.

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If they do decide to follow through with this storyline and it proves to be a success the aforementioned fans with their minds in the gutter will call for more should they catch the slightest glimpse of Claire post-coitus with another ladyI fear what might come next.

For that matter, Nathan's girl, Ali Larter, has gotten herself killed not once, but twice. Does anyone else think Claire is just a MacGuffin for all the other characters? Newer Post Older Post Home. Big brother nude 2016. I was still tempted to give them the second chance and now that? If they were trying to make that point, we got it already. Heroes claire lesbian. If season 3 didn't show you they ran out of ideas. I love the scene a few weeks ago where Claire assumes Grecthen 'has herself figured out' just because she came out and Gretchen clarifies it.

I don't actually think Kring CAN do better then this. Hayden Panettiere says she asked for her lesbian storyline By Grace Chu. News Mark Oakley Jul 6, October 10, at Though I imagine being caught in a catastrophic event like the Odessa attack would probably blow her to bits, beyond regenerative capabilities, so it makes sense.

The Heroes lesbian storyline between Claire and Gretchen is still in the process of limping to the starting line, but word has it that it was Hayden Panettierewho plays Claire, who introduced the idea of the lesbian story arc to the writers. They are very close. There is no accidential pregnancy. Renaissance women nude. She said so in some interview! Meh, either way, the show has been going downhill since season two, so it is no surprise that they pull this kind of desperate stunt.

And off course this isn't going to work. Such awkward scenarios have been worked out before, with a little honesty and upfront communication, but unfortunately that's not possible in this case. Abuse of the TV. I think "cheap" is a little harsh. Consistency has not been the theme for this show.

Claire's lesbian kiss was all the rage in the media, but what about how it is being treated.

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It's the best idea they've had in a while Kill off another character for ratings. I hope you're still not ignorant! Can we really call Brody her former "significant other"?

He even invites Gretchen to Thanksgiving when Claire is down.

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Meh, either way, the show has been going downhill since season two, so it is no surprise that they pull this kind of desperate stunt. Ok, Claire was in her dorm room, but still. Sarenna lee naked. You'll probably be able to sniff out the suspect as soon as you see her, but just in case there's any doubt, here's a hint: This has got to be the worst idea ever - how desperate can the produicers be??!! Then one of the attackers lifts up her hood.

Cmon now this is horrible. It was quite obvious. Really old nude women See, Claire starts feeling a little threatened by Gretchen after a series of odd happenstances make it appear like Gretchen is stalking Claire.

We don't have to watch a whole boring episode, let alone a full season of boring episodes, to see a few seconds of girls kissing each other I don't actually think Kring CAN do better then this. And the sad part is it actually works Considering her role in CalifornicationI would have thought that Madeline would have been the one for the role rather than Rachel.

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