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It has meant a six hour round trip fir us. Kina kara lesbian. Yes you are right they still have not been in touch with me unless you count the posts on this wall. The naked bus. Ten more minutes passed and no bus and she called back to say it must have already gone. Bonita Zhu Hi there, I wanted to use my grabone voucher but when i entered the promotion code, i kept getting messages saying that i cannot redeem this code today, please try again another day.

I booked a month in advance of actual trip, and now cannot make it due to unforseen circumstances. I am sure you can appreciate how mad I am right now. This is probably why the information centre staff were not willing to help you. The bus company, Atomic Shuttles rejected to give the ride to my guest, insisting that he did not have the number, although my guest had the evidence of payment, the bus ticket. Takotoroa Mareikura I acknowledge the fact that you replied nakedbus.

As the below reviews show, Naked Bus takes no responsibility for failures on it's part and passes that burden onto the customer s. Naked nude beach pics. So used to gruff folks, all around the globe, ferrying people from here to there. If the driver decides he can't be bothered picking you up, Nakedbus don't give a shit.

Your daily rate will change depending on where you pick the vehicle up, if you are dropping it off at a different place, how long you are renting it for, how far in advance you book, and when you book going during the high season? Never trust a naked bus driver 3. Alexei Zarya yea, but got told that I had to show proof of my job interview for me to get my money back. Aug 18, KennyO rated it liked it Shelves: For the discerning traveler, no I would never travel naked Bus dot Com, it is bad for our industry they do not belong to industry organizations either.

My son booked a bus with you, turned up a minute earlier than he was told to and the bus had already left!! Operator Ahna has left the chat. Have you got a great story to tell? Naked Bus was insanely cheap back when I was in NZ 10 years ago.

The lady on the phone basically said the bus had indeed shown up, and it was my own fault i missed it and there was nothing she could do. My biggest concern after all of this is that your website is still advertising a 6. Jay Perry 19 December, - I used to be an incredible fan of your service and used it more often than not, but now I have been horrified with the news that the POLi payment system you advertise as a secure payment system is infact insecure and is not endorsed by banks of New Zealand at all as bought to attention by ASB.

I no longer use naked bus unless there is no other option. All hotels in Queenstown Prices seem to double! The Kiwi Experience and Stray. Would it not have been better customer service to have someone call me on the number I provided you with to let me know that my email complaint had been received and that it was being dealt with Overwrite my previous Wishlist Overwrites your old Wishlist and replaces it with your new Wishlist.

She went to buy her a drink and the bus was still in the bay. She flew in with Emirates. Total divas tits. Or is it just a case of them actually offering good value?

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As per our terms and conditions, "Cancellation Protection can only be claimed for unforeseen events that occur less than 24 hours before the original departure time. Not knowing if he was wrong or right I thanked him and quickly hopped off and before the light turned green and I got run over. Kate upton naked gallery. Totally agree with your point that NZ can only be as expensive as we want to be.

Alexei Zarya 4 November, - Very cool company, trying to get through to them all day to cancel a ticked due to unforeseen circumstances and they couldn't careless.

Yes as I stated above I realise that can be done, but the ticket price despite the shorter distance has skyrocketed. The naked bus. In fact the plane only landed after the departure of the bus. Jurij Makarov 19 December, - Love that your website is extremely accurate and can help two travelers continue their journey together, and not having to split up every bus trip they go on.

Once again, if there is any news of your daughters' luggage we will contact them and you immediately. InterCity has two, both of which valid up to 12 months: I thought perhaps he was going into the centre of town to pick up people there and then driving back out to where I was, where the ticket specifically told me to be. He might need some clarification from Naked bus before more people get left behind??? Unfortunately, as mentioned above we have done all we can at the moment and if we hear anything we will contact you as soon as possible.

As per the low level of customer service I received yesterday and your companies inability to be in touch with reality The Naked Bus has one too called The Passport, which is valid for a set number of trips: Both companies use similar coaches and both have wifi. The reason the investigation took so long was because we hoped the other passenger would contacted us about the mistakenly took bags. There are many facets of nakedBus dot com that I do not like and should not be tolerated in NZ.

Having the freedom and flexibility to do what you want to do is a basic right of being a backpacker — and one that should not be compromised. Big tits big ass blonde. Sign up to save all your favorites? When he came back at 3pm, the bus was gone. I recently came across most all of his library during my travels to add to the entire library I've had for decades. There are plenty of people who will pick you up.

There are five main rental agencies: Good luck to you and next time I am in NZ, I will certainly check you guys out. Earl left all his belongings on the bus apart from his cellphone which he used to call his grandparents.

Use Moovit to get detailed step by step directions as you travel from your current location or from a top attraction or any major public transit station.

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It is not acceptable for an officer in the military to "lose" men from his unit by merely not keeping track of them, nor is it acceptable for a driver to leave a minor child on the roadside in the cold with no jumper.

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