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People just like to be Nekkid. Cool nude videos. Something that once started off as a fun way to end the school year has become a disgrace to the city people. Couldnt go after the goal posts though since there were tons of cops surrounding each of them: Still posting from a computer in Best Buy aisle I did run with two female friends of mine who are in medical school with me.

They came in afterwards and were telling how during the run they all streaked through the grad library and danced naked on top of the card catalog tables. Naked mile run pics. Some runners had also taken to carrying super soakers and spraying camera equipment. The run was first started about by the Crew Team, and the next year, the co-ed track team got involved.

There was some serious FUD being spread before the naked mile. They estimated that there were like 7, ppl there to watch and a total of 24 ppl running.

Others will run just to run. Even Detroit news crews would show up. Are the dates wrong? Every year since i have been in Ann Arbor on the last day of classes at the U. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators.

When i first got to Ann Arbor, when the naked mile was run the police usually were bystanders, there just in case the crowds were out of hand. Old sex naked. The Raleigh PD did that with our Brent Road party that we usually have every year during the first weekend of school.

Sadly enough, this holds true for this event. Just let the kids have a little fun Dec 15, Posts: Damn too bad i wasnt in the library at that time! It is dead this year and will never be revived," said chief of police paraphrased from memory.

Mar 16, Posts: Mar 2, Posts: Some will run to say their goodbyes to the university and their undergraduate years here. I have it on good authority that he walks bow-legged because of this. I had a great time, mind you, but they were getting more and more anal each year. I guess the numbers of runners were down since the temperature when they were running was in the 30 degree range. This is sad news indeed.

Jan 14, Posts: People would line the streets to cheer them on. Please be clear, detailed and specific and tell us what page you are on. Who organized the run?

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How exactly did they stop you? In an attempt to preserve the campus tradition and avoid arrest, the few students who chose to run last year kept their underwear on.

As you can probably gather from my post it was the girls' expressions that I found specially enjoyable, so having one pic with the face deleted is frustrating. Naked sexy girls in public. The first time a few of my friends ever broke 5: Some will run to say their goodbyes to the university and their undergraduate years here.

Neither did most of the people observing, but the community got behind a ban on the whole thing and the police had to act on it, ticketing students and eventually shutting it down.

I think that I would stop just from the pain in the first 10 yards! It started out small. A year or two without a run would hopefully bring the crowds back down. I was fascinated by the pictures, and by the event, and e-mailed Dave to find out more. I wish that they would do something cool like that here. Well, I was at that game, and they brought in a ton of cops, and they basically beat down and peppersprayed anyone that hit the field that they could.

Thu Apr 19, 4: Last year there were estimates of around 10 thousand people crammed onto one street.

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Thu Apr 19, The runners were mostly male, but there were a good amount of female runners also. Mar 16, Posts: I have it on good authority that he walks bow-legged because of this. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Sac flap isn't really a major problem. Japan xxx sexy video. I don't know why some people need to be so uptight. Naked mile run pics. But after years of decreased participation sparked by national media attention, increased police enforcement and a university-sponsored ad campaign encouraging students not to run the Mile, many students wonder if the Naked Mile will ever be what it once was — a local student tradition, by the students and for the students.

At the bar with Carmen Sandiego and Waldo Registered: Her face was blanked out because she did not look happy to be there, so I guess you wouldn't have liked the picture anyway. The naked mile was a great tradition.

I gave up the idea when i quit grad school. I learned that in Probability and Statistics It would be wise for school administrations to learn the same. One of the women at least looked a little old to be an undergrad but still very nice. I heard that the police were threatening to add the names of the runners to the states list of sexual predators.

Anyway, I was studying there and the naked mile started, so everyone in the cafe went to the windows and was cheering.

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